Portrait of the Artist's Wife: Photographs 1966-2011  (Ziggurat Books International, London & Paris, 20011) 89 colour reproductions, 104 pages, paperback 20 x 28 cms  / available from The Book Depository

Poems by Marcus Reichert
Introduction by Donald Kuspit

This book contains 38 poems and an afterword in the
form of a prose poem by Marcus Reichert. There are
6 ink drawings reproduced in the book and the cover
is a painting by the poet, who is also an internationally known painter. The esteemed American art critic and poet Donald Kuspit provided the introduction.


"Reichert offers us a Heracleitean stream of self-reflection into which we can step more than once, for
we can see ourselves empathically mirrored in it: his interiority is our own." - Donald Kuspit, Art Critic & Poet

"There is no glamour, no romance, no heroism. These poems are true reflections captured in the looking glass
of one who lives day to day, at the mercy of the events that unfold beyond his control. They are a testament to
a life lived." - Piers Faccini, Songwriter & Poet

Ziggurat Books International, London & Paris, 2010
pp71  - illustrated in black and white
available from
The Book Depository
UK £7.95 / US $12.95

Novel by Marcus Reichert
Introduction: Dom Gabrielli

Set within the small city of Hoboken, New Jersey in
the spring of 1977, with the glamourous allure of Manhattan just across the river, the novel’s plot revolves around “the beautiful fat man” Diego Ildefonso, once a refugee from Franco’s Spain, and his wife and child and their American friends. Manslaughter and kidnapping haunt the Ildefonso, Nolan, and Rozzo families from
the opening pages. Rich in duplicity and betrayal, Hoboken is a study in corrupted idealism and blind allegiance. Its characters lurch from one incident to the next subservient to consumerism, "tabloid" sexuality, and the need to be admired at any cost. No one leaves Reichert’s Hoboken unscathed.

Ziggurat Books International, London & Paris, 2009
available from
UK £9.95 / US $15.95

Poetry, Pornography & Politics
Selected Writings of Marcus Reichert 1970-2005

Ziggurat Books, London, 2006
pp150 - cover photograph of the author by Amos Chan
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UK £9.95  US $14.95

With an introduction by Simon Lane
and an interview by D.A. Blyler

Subjects: the kidnapping of Brazilian artist Siron Franco, George Bush and Michael Moore, the destruction of New Orléans, the Crucifixion and AIDS in North Carolina, Antonin Artaud, Andre Breton and the Surrealists and sex, Lucian Freud, Orson Welles and the making of the cult classic Union City; poems on despair, religion, 9/11, writing in prison, and the consequences of war in Iraq; selected chapters from the novels Verdon Angster, The Miracle of Fontana’s Monkey, and Hoboken.

Photographs by Marcus Reichert
Text by Mel Gooding

13 texts by the eminent critic Mel Gooding on 30 years of unknown photographic work by an artist known primarily for his painting and film-making.  

Artmedia Press, London, 2003
pp120 - 100 colour reproductions
available from
amazon.co.uk and amazon.com
UK £17.99  US $30.00

(abridged limited edition)
Novel by Marcus Reichert

1928, the French Riviera and the life of Christ is being redrawn by cinema impresario Hugo De Hauteville, however his epic unravels when a cigarette-smoking monkey impregnates nine infant human females and a miracle is proclaimed by Bishop Feydeau of Marseilles. 

BurnhillWolf Book Publishers, Lenoir, North Carolina, 1997
pp240 - cover image: Jack Bilbo with Monkey (circa 1932), courtesy of the Estate of Jack Bilbo, design by Marcus Reichert
available from rare book dealers and the
Reichert Archive
UK £10.00  US $17.00

Drawings 1970-71 by Marcus Reichert
Poetry by D.A. Blyler

Poems inspired by raw India ink drawings of a psychologically-charged nature.

A Gallery Americas Book, Carrboro, North Carolina, 1996
pp88 - 39 black and white reproductions (limited edition)
available from the
Reichert Archive
UK £20.00  US $30.00

Novel by Marcus Reichert

1943, an hallucinatory voyage of discovery and destruction illuminating the Paris theatre of the late 1920s, Hitler’s rise to power, and rural America during WWII.

Burnhill Wolf Book Publishers, Lenoir, North Carolina, 1995 (text of 1984)
pp247 - cover image: Antonin Artaud as Marat in Abel Gance’s epic film Napoléon (1927), courtesy of Zoetrope Studios
available from rare book dealers (ABE and Alibris Books) and the
Reichert Archive
UK £9.95  US $14.95

Texts by Dr. Louise A. DeSalvo, Marcus Reichert, and William Varley

Catalogue for the exhibition that was presented, in various forms, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Glasgow, and Paris, and later as part of the touring exhibition of The Crucifixions to benefit the AIDS Services of North Carolina.

Hatton Gallery of the University of Newcastle, 1990
pp88 - 29 colour reproductions / 51 black and white reproductions, rare drawing of the artist by Zev Ornitz reproduced in black and white, and photographs of the artist by James Galate, Warren Padula, and Miki Slingsby
available from Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle and
UK £10.00  US $17.00

Other publications of interest:

By Donald Kuspit
Illustrated with paintings by Marcus Reichert

This collection contains Donald Kuspit's writing at its illuminating best as it reveals the psychological and spiritual motivation that conceivably compelled the artists represented to create some of their most interesting work. His subjects range from the compulsive need to re-create the self in art to the calculated use of perversion and empowering sexuality to engage the art-going public. His criticism is occasionally devastating but always eloquently convincing. Donald Kuspit's opinions will be disconcerting for many who accept what is considered by art journalists and curators to be significant and worthy of the public's attention. He also examines the art market and its compromising effect upon our system of cultural values.

With essays on Karel Appel, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Motherwell, August Sander, Lucian Freud, Lucas Samaras, Robert Graham, George Segal, Helmut Newton, Rebecca Horn, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Serra, Gerhard Richter, Dieter Roth, Anne-Louis Girodet, Nicholas Poussin, Jasper Johns, Neo Rauch, Sean Scully, Stephen Newton, and many other subjects ranging from sensationalism in art to the spiritual in art.

Ziggurat Books International, London & Paris, 2010
pp560 - ilustrated in black and white
available from
UK £8.95 / US $14.95

Roy Oxlade: Paintings and Drawings
Text: A dialogue between Roy Oxlade and Marcus Reichert, November 2003

Art Space Gallery, London, 2004
pp22 - 13 reproductions in colour
available from
Art Space Gallery and amazon.co.uk
UK £11.99

Selected Writing from the World of Blunt Edge
Edited by Marcus Reichert 
Introduction by Roy Oxlade

Contributors include Judith Chandler, Benet Haughton, Joanna Melvin, Drew Milne, Anthony O'Hear, Roy Oxlade, George Pattison, Marcus Reichert, Sr Anselma Scollard OSB, Roger Scruton, and Roger Turner. Featuring reproductions of works by Philip Guston, Roy Oxlade, and Rose Wylie.

ART WITHOUT ART is about the innocence and the intimacy essential to making art that exists beyond the distractions of our consumerist society. It examines the spiritual presence of a work of art, both as a physical and an abstract expression of the artist's existence and empathy.

With illuminating essays on Joseph Beuys, David Bomberg, Peter Fuller, Philip Guston, Eva Hesse, Andre Malraux, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Tate Modern, and the failure of Conceptual Art.

Ziggurat Books International, London & Paris, 2008
pp152 - illustrated in black and white
available from
UK £9.95  US $14.95

A Collection of Prose & Poetry
Edited by Marcus Reichert

Contributors include Stephen Barber, Henry Ralph Carse, Judith Chandler, Antony Copley, Piers Faccini, Michael Florescu, Dom Gabrielli, Donald Kuspit, Simon Lane, Stephen Newton, Roy Oxlade, George Pattison, Amos Poe, Marcus Reichert, Edward Rozzo, Sr Anselma Scollard OSB, and Mike von Joel.

A collection of observation and personal reminiscence on the precarious subject of death, written in language that is academic, poetic and sometimes, revealingly, both. Aesthetics sit side-by-side with sentient expressions of despair in this collaboration that embraces the thoughts and feelings of art critics, philosophers, film-makers, poets, and painters.

Images include the correspondence of Ronnie Kray, photographs of Antonin Artaud, Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell, Alfred Hitchcock, Guy & Simon Lane, Amos Poe, Cookie Mueller, Joseph Goebbels, Jackson Pollock, Edmond Jabés, and Michael Florescu. With works of art by Abrecht Dürer, Marianne Boutrit, Brueghel the Elder, Roy Oxlade, Rose Wylie, Diego Velasquez, Francis Bacon, Marcus Reichert, Stephen Newton, Alberto Giacometti, Judith Chandler, Piers Faccini, Andrea Mantegna, Michelangelo, and Vincent van Gogh.

Ziggurat Books International, London & Paris, 2009
pp218 - illustrated in black and white
available from
The Book Depository
UK £9.95  US $14.95