MARCUS REICHERT (1948 - ) is a painter and a poet who has also worked in film. He was given his first exhibition of paintings at the age of twenty-one at the legendary Gotham Book Mart and Art Gallery, New York, home to the Surrealists during WWII. In 1990, he was honoured with a retrospective organised by the Hatton Gallery of the University of Newcastle which toured in various forms to Glasgow, London, Paris, and the United States. His Crucifixion paintings have been described by Richard Harries, the Bishop of Oxford, as being among the most dis- turbing painted in the 20th Century, while the American critic Donald Kuspit has written that both Picasso's and Bacon's pale in comparison. The first neo-noir, Reichert's film UNION CITY (amazon), which premiered at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival, was hailed by Lawrence O'Toole, film critic for Time Magazine, as "an unqualified masterpiece." His film works ( are held in the Archive of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

Marcus Reichert is the author of three novels, including the cult classic
Verdon Angster. His most recent book is From the Balcony: Poems and is available from The Book Depository. Reichert: The Human Edifice by Mel Gooding, with 100 photographs by the artist in colour, is available from and Excerpts and images from the book ART & EGO: Marcus Reichert in Conversation with Edward Rozzo can be found on-line at  Art Influence.